Jesus: The Cure for Our Condition

Jesus: The Cure for Our Condition

Calvary – The Easter Story from Calvary Church on Vimeo.

Reckless abandon. 

A love that knows no bounds.

From the robes of royalty to the clothes of a carpenter.

Jesus Christ set his feet upon the sin-soaked soil of this earth.


The exact representation of God met the depravity of man.

A miracle from heaven,

Sent to save us 

From an infection that no one else could cure.


It’s the stranglehold of our own selfishness, 

The essence of our rebellion.

Infecting us,

Leaving us ravaged and alone. 




Longing for mercy.

Praying for grace.


In the ruins of our sin, we sit alone. 

Filled with fear.

Gripped by our own helplessness, 

By our incurable condition,

In a pit of darkness.

Surrounded by taunting accusations

And fear-filled thoughts.

Unable to escape or lift ourselves out.


No longer in control.

Darkness setting in.


But in the silence, 

Alone in the hollowness of our heart, 

A whisper comes.

The echo of eternity.

A picture of rescue.

A spark of life.


Our heart quickens,

A pounding pulse rising within us.

A flicker of light brightening the pit.

Jesus: A Miracle from Heaven
Jesus: A Miracle from Heaven (photo by Judene Gardner)



A rescuer is on his way!

And he is tearing down mountains and reaching down into pits

To save the lost and the lowly, 

To lift up the helpless and the hopeless!

He came to do what none other can do:

To be the cure we long for.


Long before the pit.

Before our rebellion.

Long before selfishness, sin, and corruption ruled this world.

Long before Satan had his way as the prince of this earth,

God’s miracle had already been planned.

He meant to save us from the start.


On the feet of Jesus

God tread upon the sin-soaked soil of this earth.

To feel our pain,

To wrestle with our weakness.










He endured it all,

So he could save us all.

The King of the World gave up his throne

For a tree on which he would die.

That is why he came.


His love led him here to this earth.

To a hill called Golgotha,

Where he would die on a cross,

Like a criminal who had no worth.

Laughed at, 

Spat upon, 



He gave up his life to pay a price he did not owe,

To be the cure for sin that was not his own.


Unfathomable love.

Lifting us out of the pit, 

Out of the grave.

From the hands of a scheming thief, 

Who wants to steal our life.


But no!

Satan has absolutely no power over us.

No power over Jesus.

Death was no match for him!

Our Savior made a public spectacle of Satan 

When he triumphed over the grave.


His fate is sealed.

Our prison sentence is over.

Our fear is gone.


Rise up!

Our enemy has been defeated.

The grave cannot hold us down.

Death has lost its power.


Praise Jesus!

The One who died to give us life.



The filter for our fear,

The key to our eternity,

The love of our life,

The cure for our condition.


HE IS our redemption.

Photos by Judene Gardner

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