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This is where true freedom begins: realizing that this life is but a shadow of what is to come.

Before I trusted in Christ, I saw the minutes, hours, and days of my life as the only time I had. That was it. Eternity did not register in my mind. And honestly, since this life was all I had, it was pretty depressing because I felt so inconsequential and ordinary. I felt somewhat random, like a dandelion seed blowing in the wind. Who knew where I would land? And if I did land, would I grow into something wonderful or not?

I wondered what it would take to make my life great and full of purpose. I wondered what I could do to soar above the crowds of people on this earth and somehow make a name for myself. How could I gain significance in this world before my time was up?

And once I got older, I realized that I couldn’t count on my youthful glow and wrinkle-free skin to get me anywhere in life either. Yes, time likes to steal those thing too and make everything sag a little bit. That’s not great news when you think this life is all you’ve got. Not great news at all.

But God tells us we don’t have to buy into the notion that this world is all we have, that we better get all we can now and build a name for ourselves so we will be significant. (Thank you Lord!) No, we do not have to fulfill every hope and dream in this life because we will have plenty of time for perfect living once we are in heaven with Jesus. That is the destination where all of our earthly hopes will just seem like a passing shadow compared to the glorious life we will be living there. That is where true living begins, and it will last forever.

As for right now, here on this earth, we can live with eternity set in our hearts. We can free ourselves from being yoked to what everyone else thinks about us and what we are expected to look like and to accomplish, and we can run this race of life with courage and determination, never backing down until we’ve given Jesus everything we’ve got.

Living for Jesus is pure freedom. We can take everything that burdens us and hand it to him, saying, “Lord, lead me where you go.” He will carry the burdens of this world on his shoulders, all the while guiding us down the road that he has marked out for us. As we follow his lead, we will discover the purpose we have been longing for; we will find what we were made for. And at the end of this earthly road, we can know it’s just the beginning. Abundant life awaits.

2 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. Joy Carter says:

    I loved this so much! It really rang true for me. Praise God that we don’t have to MAKE ourselves significant…what a burden! We ARE significant in His eyes.

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