A Prayer for My Children

Prayer for my children - I pray for my children to live unashamedly and joyfully for Christ

Prayer for my Children

I pray that my children will love God with their whole hearts and will want nothing more than to live unashamedly and joyfully for Him.

I pray they will never grow lukewarm–but instead be filled with a fiery passion to follow their Savior, Jesus Christ, with every bit of strength they have.

I pray that their hearts will leap with joy at the sound of His name and that He will be the greatest love of their lives.

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I plead for God to help my children turn away from the desires of this world and instead run straight toward the cross of Jesus where true life begins. I pray that they will never run from Him in order to follow the false pursuits of comfort and security, which are so appealing, yet so hollow and unreal.

With all of my heart, I pray that God will give them eyes to see that anything promising complete fulfillment apart from Jesus Christ is simply a lie. Jesus Christ is the only way, the only truth, and the only life (John 14:6), and apart from Him, they have nothing.

I ask God to help my children understand that putting their trust in Jesus is not just a way to get to heaven, but it is an invitation to embark upon the greatest, most purposeful journey of their lives–and it starts right here and now on this earth.

I pray that they will be driven forward in life by a burning desire to do whatever God calls them to do, and they will never be afraid of following God into the dark places of this world in order to shine His light.

Lord I Pray

I pray that fear will never hold them back from doing God’s will, and that they will know with absolute conviction that any sacrifice or risk for Christ will always be worth it.

I beg for God to open my children’s eyes to see the world through the eyes of Jesus Christ. I pray that they will look at the world around them and be broken by the masses of people who desperately need Jesus yet are “harassed and helpless like sheep without a shepherd” (Matthew 9:36).

I pray that out of their love for the lost, they will be a beacon of hope to the weary souls who need Him most, and they will lead them to the only Hope that really lasts: Jesus Christ.

I pray for God to radically alter my children’s lives for their good and His glory. I pray that blessings will flow out of their loving obedience to Him, and that the joy of their lives will always be founded upon their Savior, Jesus Christ.

God, hear my heartfelt cry, and change the world through them.

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