The Doorway










When God closes a door, it can be quite painful. It’s kind of like getting your hand shut in a door, only the pain is figurative and it targets the heart.

Yes, oftentimes I have prayed that God will open the doors he wants me to enter and close the ones he doesn’t. Yet, when the door comes closing shut, I find myself somewhat surprised…and a bit hurt. Perhaps I have convinced myself that it was the right door and that entering through it would be the best thing for me. Or maybe because of my pride and need to please others, I feel I would get a stamp of approval by walking through that door.

Either way, I have a way of wedging my foot so firmly in the doorway God wants to shut, that He has no option but to close it quite forcefully. He doesn’t want to hurt me…it’s just that I won’t move my foot out of the way!

And it’s not as if God hasn’t given me ample warnings. He says things like, “Jill, this is the wrong door,” or “Jill, you might want to move your foot now.” But I don’t always listen well to clear, pointed statements.

Therefore, God is usually a little more subtle. I will have a nagging feeling inside that tells me something is not right. I will sense that I might be walking down the wrong path, yet I will rationalize the choice I want to make, hoping to convince the Holy Spirit that He isn’t right. I stand knocking at the wrong door, hoping that God will somehow bless it and make it fit into His plan, even though in my heart I know it is not right.

But He won’t. He can’t bless things that are wrong. Instead, God chooses to act in my best interest, even when I am not willing to. He will shut the door–hard if He has to. And although it may be painful, the blessing of being in the will of God will outweigh any temporary discomfort I may experience.

Yes, God is always looking out for me and He is always good, even when I don’t want to believe it. He may shut some doors, but only so He can take ahold of my hand, open up the right door, and walk with me down the right path.

Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it. Isaiah 30:21

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