Coming Home: A Story of Grace

Today’s post is a treasure to my heart and a testament to the power of grace. I unearthed it this week as I was digging through some old documents I had saved. I must have written in nearly 15 years ago. And as I began to read the words on the page, I was taken back to that special time and place…to a simple moment with my father when I truly started to understand grace. What a blessing to my soul to read it once again. I truly hope you will enjoy it too. I pray for the blessings of grace to be upon you… Coming Home I raced down the gravel road to my parents’ house, leaving a huge plume of white dust in Read More

4 Reasons Why I Ain’t Takin’ My Kids Shopping No More!

A Mother’s Reflection on a Shopping Trip with Her Kids Shopping Malls Bring Me Both Joy and Fear Since my early teen years, I have developed a true love for shopping malls. There is just so much to love! Cute outfits draped across gold plated mannequins. Bright lights and marquee signs. Numerous restaurants all in one location. (Genius!) Oh yes, it is a wondrous place. But when I start to think about a glorious day out at the mall, an unpleasant feeling begins to come over me. It is one of both fear and dread, brought on by the thought of taking my children with me! I do not mean any offense to them, of course. They certainly don’t mean to ruin my good time Read More

Beyond Storybooks: 5 Ways to Engage Your Child in God’s Word

In our house we have dozens of Bible storybooks, and over the past ten years I have read these precious books to my children time and time again. Like a mother hen gathering her chicks under her wings, I would swoop up my little ones, cuddle them up in blankets, and get settled in to read God’s word. I loved that my children were able to engage in the word of God at such a young age. We would spend hours reading Bible stories about Daniel, Elijah, Peter, and all the heroes of the faith. Of course, at the center stage was Jesus Christ and the story of how he changed the entire world. What precious times those were….when we had all of the time Read More

A Prayer for My Sisters – A Guest Post by D.D.

Prayer For My Sisters Good morning! God has been busy with His plans and paintbrushes this morning as another day is here! What will it hold? I have not a clue, but God does…right down to the tiniest detail. Do things look impossible? Is too much going on, and does it all seem cluttered? Perhaps you can’t see the forest through the trees or see the light at the end of the tunnel. That’s ok. Let God be God. He holds the plan. Your role is to do away with distractions and focus on Him and His Kingdom! To hold on and have faith the size of a tiny mustard seed. To believe the promises of God–not what the world says. It may seem impossible. Read More

Do Not Give Up

Let Us Not Become Weary Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9 “Do not give up on me, Lord! Oh please, do not give up!” This has been the cry of my heart. With all of my might, I cling to the Lord and lift up this simple prayer, desperately pushing back against the forces that try to diminish my faith and steal my joy. The enemy loves to bombard me with busyness and a thousand other distractions that persuade me to live as if everything else matters just a little more than Jesus. My eyes get fixed on a hundred worthless things, and they stray Read More