Hello to all! As some of you may know, I have been working on writing a devotional book, so my blog postings have been few and far between lately. It’s been challenging to keep up with both, so I thought today I would write about my writing experience.

When I am writing a devotion, I always meditate on Scripture, write the body, and then try to figure out a title at the end. I read through my draft countless times after I am finished writing, brainstorming for a title that fits the devotion perfectly. And virtually every time, I want to title the piece “Grace,” “A Heart of Grace,” or some other construction of words using “grace.”

How true it is to the essence of God that everything I write would come down to grace. I can’t live my life without it. I can’t get up out of bed or walk through a day without it. I can’t fulfill my role as a mom, wife, or friend without it. Most certainly, when I sit at my computer, praying for God’s guidance and wisdom to take over in my writing, I know without a doubt that I can’t do it without his grace!

God has gifted me with such clear vision in seeing just how lost I would be without him. It has taken so much time and so many experiences for me to fully understand how desperately I need Jesus and his amazing grace. If his grace were not real, if it were not something I could rely on daily, my hope would be lost. But thanks be to God, it is real and powerful and able to restore me every day.

I hope I can always look out on the world through the eyes of grace and get closer to the heart of Jesus. I will not be perfect, not even for the span of one day. However, if there is one thing I can cling to during every moment of my life, it is the perfect grace of God.

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