Coming Home - A Story of Grace FFB

Coming Home: A Story of Grace

Today’s post is a treasure to my heart and a testament to the power of grace. I unearthed it this week as I was digging through some old documents I had saved. I must have written in nearly 15 years ago. And as I began to read the words on the page, I was taken back to that special time and place…to a simple moment with my father when I truly started to understand grace. What a blessing to my soul to read it once again. I truly hope you will enjoy it too. I pray for the blessings of grace to be upon you… Coming Home I raced down the gravel road to my parents’ house, leaving a huge plume of white dust in Read More

5 Ways to engage child in God's Word

Beyond Storybooks: 5 Ways to Engage Your Child in God’s Word

In our house we have dozens of Bible storybooks, and over the past ten years I have read these precious books to my children time and time again. Like a mother hen gathering her chicks under her wings, I would swoop up my little ones, cuddle them up in blankets, and get settled in to read God’s word. I loved that my children were able to engage in the word of God at such a young age. We would spend hours reading Bible stories about Daniel, Elijah, Peter, and all the heroes of the faith. Of course, at the center stage was Jesus Christ and the story of how he changed the entire world. What precious times those were….when we had all of the time Read More

Prayer for Children

A Prayer for My Children

Prayer for my Children I pray that my children will love God with their whole hearts and will want nothing more than to live unashamedly and joyfully for Him. I pray they will never grow lukewarm–but instead be filled with a fiery passion to follow their Savior, Jesus Christ, with every bit of strength they have. I pray that their hearts will leap with joy at the sound of His name and that He will be the greatest love of their lives. I plead for God to help my children turn away from the desires of this world and instead run straight toward the cross of Jesus where true life begins. I pray that they will never run from Him in order to follow the Read More

Hill 3

Climbing the Hill

Climbing Hills I ran up a hill today. And I didn’t even stop up at the top. I just kept on running. That’s simply not like me. I do enjoy a nice walk in the morning, but I’m not a huge fan of running up hills while my heart pounds wildly and sweat rolls down my back. That’s just not my favorite thing in life. So as far as I can tell, it must have been the hand of God that started pushing me up that hill because I had no idea my legs were going to kick it into high gear. I just took off running, and then after a few seconds I thought to myself, “Oh my gosh, I am actually running!” I was Read More


The Distracted Life

Living Distracted I used to live for distractions before I started living for Christ. I had to. I needed something to take my mind and heart off of the nagging feeling that something was missing in my soul. I desperately wanted to deny the fact that my life seemed to lack purpose, that I was simply an object floating aimlessly on a breeze. I knew who Jesus was, and I knew there was none other like him, but I did not want him to be the answer. In my selfish mindset, I was afraid that I would have to give up too much of what I loved about life, which was truly ironic since none of it was making me happy. But I had a stubborn Read More