7 Things to Lose to Gain A Life of Purpose with Jesus Christ FB

Lose to Gain: A New Series about Living the Crucified Life

A Series by Jill Holler – Promo For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will save it.” Luke 9:24 When I wrote my devotional book, Life in His Hands, God was opening my eyes to the knowledge that He had created me for a purpose…And He wanted me to start living like it! I felt Him urging me to get up off the sidelines and take hold of the plans He had for me. He awakened me to the fact that His word was truly living and active. I realized it had the power to change the course of my life, to propel me forward in the direction He wanted me to go. It was Read More

Changed By His Grace (1)

My Testimony: Changed by the Grace of God

If you are a follower of Christ, you have a story to tell–a testimony of how God changed you from the inside out and impacted your life forever. Most likely, your story has not been based on your own personal successes, but on God leading you toward victory through Jesus Christ during every circumstance of your life. Indeed, my story has nothing to do with my own goodness, but it has everything to do with His. My story is one of rebellion and redemption. Of being lost and then found. Of living without purpose and then finding an abundant, meaningful life. I wonder, What is your story? Most likely, it’s not so different than mine. The details may not be exactly the same, but I Read More

Coming Home - A Story of Grace FFB

Coming Home: A Story of Grace

Today’s post is a treasure to my heart and a testament to the power of grace. I unearthed it this week as I was digging through some old documents I had saved. I must have written in nearly 15 years ago. And as I began to read the words on the page, I was taken back to that special time and place…to a simple moment with my father when I truly started to understand grace. What a blessing to my soul to read it once again. I truly hope you will enjoy it too. I pray for the blessings of grace to be upon you… Coming Home I raced down the gravel road to my parents’ house, leaving a huge plume of white dust in Read More

4 Reasons Why I Ain't Takin My Kids Shopping No More

4 Reasons Why I Ain’t Takin’ My Kids Shopping No More!

A Mother’s Reflection on a Shopping Trip with Her Kids Shopping Malls Bring Me Both Joy and Fear Since my early teen years, I have developed a true love for shopping malls. There is just so much to love! Cute outfits draped across gold plated mannequins. Bright lights and marquee signs. Numerous restaurants all in one location. (Genius!) Oh yes, it is a wondrous place. But when I start to think about a glorious day out at the mall, an unpleasant feeling begins to come over me. It is one of both fear and dread, brought on by the thought of taking my children with me! I do not mean any offense to them, of course. They certainly don’t mean to ruin my good time Read More

5 Ways to engage child in God's Word

Beyond Storybooks: 5 Ways to Engage Your Child in God’s Word

In our house we have dozens of Bible storybooks, and over the past ten years I have read these precious books to my children time and time again. Like a mother hen gathering her chicks under her wings, I would swoop up my little ones, cuddle them up in blankets, and get settled in to read God’s word. I loved that my children were able to engage in the word of God at such a young age. We would spend hours reading Bible stories about Daniel, Elijah, Peter, and all the heroes of the faith. Of course, at the center stage was Jesus Christ and the story of how he changed the entire world. What precious times those were….when we had all of the time Read More